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Reputation Alert was born from the necessity to automate our manual process required for our own consulting business. Prior to Reputation Alert, business owners manually requested feedback from customers via a review card. At this time, this was the only way for business owners to discover how they were doing, a method that proved to be inefficient and non-responsive. We recognized the need to automate this process in a simple and easy way, removing the burden from business owners. To fulfill the need, we’ve developed proprietary software and marketing solution that builds and manages a company’s reputation from one simple to manage dashboard.

One of a kind technology

Our proprietary reputation building and management dashboard sets Reputation Alert apart from all other “reputation” companies. As a technology and service innovator, we’ve raised the bar on Reputation Management by providing an affordable, automated marketing service for small and medium business owners.
With innovative software and monitoring technology integrated into each account, even the most technically challenged individuals gain the ability to easily build and market their company’s online reputation. Each account comes with a powerhouse of options that are simple to setup and easy to use.
Reputation Alert is Safe, Fast, and Secure! Each account is protected with next generation layered firewalls and scalable secure cloud technology, ensuring your business information is safe. Because we handle every aspect of your account in one location, our entire team is focused on one thing: making your online reputation is the best it can be.

One of a kind service

Your service and support team includes veteran local business and customer service specialists ready to resolve any questions or issues you may come across promptly.

With over 15 years’ experience working directly with small business owners just like you, we understand the needs and challenges of running your own business and have developed systems and processes to help prevent any hiccups before they could happen.

Reputation Alert is the only Reputation Marketing & Customer Feedback Platform available on the market today!

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About Reputation Alert
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We promote small business growth online through our automated reputation marketing software. Reputation Alert the world's first and only reputation marketing platform. Our goal is to empower local business owners with the ability to control and expand their positive reputation.

The platform was built to create a “hands-off” approach for business owners, allowing them to focus on their company and customers. To achieve this goal, we are constantly innovating, upgrading, and automating our services and processes.